Social Marketing’s Hidden Success Secrets


Honesty and transparency can bring fear to many a business. But what is to fear? Why does honesty and transparency even need mentioning? The answer to this lies at the heart of why social marketing is liberating; social media liberates you from having to come up with A truth and just telling THE truth! (Actually a caveat […]

509 – Design Thinking Behind Well Designed Products

engaging brand podcast

How do you achieve a well designed product or service? Well, Jon Kolko, Vice President of Consumer Design at Blackboard joins me to discuss how to approach design to deliver a well designed product. The discussion is based on his new business book Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love Listener of the week […]

Think Big and Act Small as an Entrepreneur


For such a glamorous sounding word, entrepreneurship is not easy. Long hours, high levels of resilience and strong belief are all required to survive….not even thrive! So why do it? Why break free from a more secure corporate life? Because a business can get in the way of doing business. And therein lies the irony; people […]

Don’t Miss Out On Your Oprah Moment


What if someone leaves negative feedback? What if employees abuse social media on work time? What if ….what if…what if…. For as long as new technologies have been unearthed, there have been people who shout..”Oh yes, but what if….” Remember some people thought travelling on a train would break your neck! No-one broke their neck, […]

508 – How harmony can help your leadership skills

engaging brand podcast

Is there a gap between the leader you are and the leader you want to be? Living in a 24/7 world of information, what specific leadership skills do we need? Stew Friedman is the founder and CEO of  Total Leadership. Stew is recognised as an innovator in both the leadership development and work/life fields, Stew has been […]