Quick Way to Improve Customer Experience

Stress in business

There may only be one letter between these two words but there is a huge difference in that one letter to your bottom line – are you distressing your customer and de-stressing the customer?  There is huge profits just waiting for anyone who can de-stress the purchase process. There is huge customer loyalty just waiting […]

Ensure You are Measuring the Right Business Value

business value

Business value is created over time. There is no short cut, there may be short term profit BUT value is a longer term goal. Value is not what you earn today; value is what you have earned, are earning and will earn tomorrow. Value is not delivered like profit; value is grown through consistent, repeated […]

The Perfect Brand Example for Your Social Media

Business as an example

Business is about being an example; an example of how the world can be. Leadership is about leading by example. Customer service is about serving by example. Marketing is about giving examples. Sales is about delivering against those examples. Social media marketing is about BEING that example. Often people say they are confused about how […]

Maximise Your Emotional Business Investments

Merging Plans

  Plans, plans, plans…financial, cashflow, sales…..business investments are surrounded by plans. Yet all these plans are based on an emotional investment that is so often ignored. You see it often with big brands who merge companies after painstaking financial business investments, and yet a sad lack of recognition of the investment required in combining two business […]

Show 503 – Maximising E-learning for Marketing

Laura Wall Klieves is the VP Academy & Marketing and Duarte.com. Nancy Duarte is one of my favourite business thinkers. She has a life’s mission of removing boring presentations and helping business leaders tell their stories in an engaging way. Recently she launched an e-learning course on how to make awesome presentations and of course […]

Is Your Social Media Following a Balanced Diet?


Can I ask why do you feed your children? You don’t have to…..there maybe laws but you can choose to break those laws? Does the question make you feel uncomfortable? I mean why wouldn’t you WANT to feed your children? It’s about human decency, love, respect and our desire to nurture – so why not […]