Ultimate Trick to Going Viral


Kindness is magical. We all remember it. We all feel the warmth and care that kindness brings. And we all share about those acts of kindness. Why though is kindness magical? I mean who wouldn’t want to be considerate, who wouldn’t want to be generous and friendly? Something so human, something so humane shouldn’t be […]

One Tip That Will Blow Your Customers Away

social appetiser

If only business was as simple as a transaction….and yet getting more transactions is often at the heart of many business worries. This is how I love to see selling…. A sale is like a meal; an appetiser, main course and always a dessert. Click To Tweet The main course is the acceptance and delivery of […]

Define Your Point of Difference Like Van Gogh


Do you truly understand your point of difference? For many entrepreneurs it is one of the hardest parts of developing your brand. It should be easy but being average, being similar is what we are all trained to do. We are taught to fit into the norm yet the norm is what is boring us […]

526 Lessons of Frugal Innovation From Emerging Markets

What can we learn about frugal innovation in the emerging economies? That is what I was inspired to look at following this Ted Talk by Navi Jadjou. Navi is an innovation strategist and has drawn “..inspiration from frugal innovators in emerging markets and helps businesses with limited resources discover unexpected ways to succeed.” The Ted Talk […]

What really gets me about social media is this….


What really gets me about social technology is this…. People see it as the ANSWER FOR their business rather than a QUESTION FOR their business. Technology is not hard, even for non-geeks like me! No, the hard part is…. deciding what your business is about, how it is different to everyone else and how share these with the […]

How Social Niggling Changed My Business

social handshake

Constantly wondering “How can I persuade people to buy from me?” What if I said that is the wrong question…what if I said that YOU cannot persuade ANYONE to buy from you? What if social marketing was not about persuasion to buy – what if you are not the sales person for your business? Confused. Don’t […]

Take The Customer Centric Quiz Today


Imagine if there was just one formula that guaranteed success. No more trial and error. No more stressing over decisions. No more late nights worrying over how to grow your business. Wouldn’t that be idyllic? What if I could give you that one business formula that would solve ALL your business problems? Well, I like […]

525 – Why the Secret is Inside You

engaging brand podcast

Kathleen Gage is a wonderfully inspiring lady. She helps people find their true message and helps them share it with the world. She believes that What secret do I know you’ve been hiding? Quite simply, the secret, is you Click To Tweet Kathleen joins me to talk about how to find  out “not just who you are, […]