3 Steps to Turn A Network Into A Community


Social media may be great at building a network BUT that doesn’t mean you have a community of loyal customers. What is the difference between networks of people and community of advocates? A network gives you reach but a community gives you advocacy Click To Tweet Both reach and advocacy are required for your business. The […]

530 – Become a Force for Good

With the growth of millennials in the workforce and many more people wanting to align their passions and values with their work…then how can you become an effective change maker from inside an existing organization? Gerald F Davis , Professor of Management at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business joins me to talk […]

How to Make Tomorrow More Powerful Than Today


Ever find yourself working hard and wondering what is the point? That is the point. The answer lies deep inside the question itself. Success is about working soft but loving what you do…’hard’ Click To Tweet Think about it. Work is about tasks. Tasks are mere steps along the way…..if you don’t know the ultimate […]

Show 529 – Leading Digital Strategy For Business Growth

engaging brand podcast

Can we learn to lead digital strategy rather than manage it on a day to day basis? That is the question on this weeks award winning Engaging Brand podcast. Professor Chris Bones and James Hammersley of Good Growth join me to talk about their ideas from Leading Digital Strategy: Driving Business Growth Through Effective E-commerce. We discuss […]

One Significant Business Answer YOU Must Know

What do you want from your business? It is a fundamental question to ask before setting up a business AND regularly after establishing a level of business success. What you want – can change over time. What you want – is the crucial part of maintaining your energy levels and the passion you have for […]

Show 528 – Build a Website To Reflect Your Brand Personality

engaging brand podcast

Building a website is hard. Yes, there is the technical side but in many ways reflecting your brand personality can be even harder…so how do you turn your website from a bland website to the land where your brand stands out….? Holly Chantel, a mad brand scientist, will lead us through the Land of Brand, […]