How to Rekindle Your Business Passion

Google Humor

Do you ever find yourself just going through the motions? There is a spark missing, you just don’t get that thrill with your work? The problem is that even Google can’t provide a simple answer – it needs you to find your own answer. It’s a little like when you are driving and you can’t […]

516 – How To Keep Your Eyes On The Persuasion Prize


Ted Talks are superb for helping us understand and see the world in different ways. One talk that I recently watched was Emily Balcetis, Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University entitled Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others. Emily  in her role explores perception, motivation, goal-setting and decision-making from conscious and non conscious […]

Are you Missing Out On The Boredom Opportunity?

bust the boredom

Money is tight. Hours are short. Your market, your customers are bored with their life. They need you to fight their boring life. Now for me life is never boring! But many people want more from their life, many people want to surf the web and be entertained, informed or educated. They want someone to provide […]

Have You Lost This Essential Business Success Factor?

Belief - Business Success Factor

Small businesses wish they were larger, wish they had bigger budgets and more customers. Large businesses wish they still had that entrepreneurial spirit, wish they could be more human and less bureaucratic. We all wish for something, yet we are what we are…and what we are is special, unique and different. Our strengths will always […]

How to Create Your Cinderella Moment in 2015


The end of the year is looming and that makes me smile. Why? Because we start to reflect and look forward to what we WILL achieve next year. As if one date in the whole of the 365 dates in a year is more important than anything else! We fool ourselves that 2015 will be […]

515 – How To Rediscover The Art of Marketing

engaging brand podcast

With all the talk about digital marketing are we losing the essence of what any good marketing is about? Are we losing the art of connecting with customers? Tom Doctoroff, Asia CEO for J. Walter Thompson, one of the world’s largest global advertising agencies  has written one of my favourite business books of 2014 called Twitter […]

Why The Seven Dwarfs Should Write For The Web?


The power of a smile. A smile is contagious, a smile is a gift that costs nothing yet adds so much value to any relationship. It can brighten a day, it can fulfil a human need and it can break the ice….the power of a smile. But quick question…… How much do you smile when […]

How The Strongest Brands Outperform The Market


The strongest brands outperform the rest of the market therefore we must build strong brands to succeed. Is this true? Is this the right way of looking at branding? No. Not really and here is why… The truth is that the strongest brands do outperform mediocre brands….but their focus is not branding, it is a […]