How to Think Like Steve Jobs

Working on the business

How many times do you wish that you weren’t constrained by business practices? Ever felt that if only you could get rid of ‘x’ then ‘y’ would be so much easier? What if you could get rid of that constraint? What if the elements that hold you back were not really fixed, just fixed through […]

The Bette Midler Guide to Social Marketing


Bette Midler describes why her career has been so long and why her shows remain so popular with this simple quote I show up with so much…emotion is the overarching glue. B Midler Click To Tweet She “show’s up with so much”….I love that! It is simple. It is true. Yet it is so often forgotten […]

Show 523 – The Rapid Growth Sales Process

Matthew Pollard – the rapid growth ‘guru’ joins me to talk about a rapid growth sales process. Matthew is described as a “true differentiation, niche marketing, and sales systemization powerhouse” Wow! We need to learn some of his secrets! And as well as a fantastic discussion Matthew has given us, a 5 FREE Sales Worksheets  to help you drive rapid […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Limits

Business Goals

You get a deadline of 2 weeks so when do you start doing it? If you are like me, a couple of days before the deadline! Constraints are necessary. Constraints are good BUT only if they are the right constraints. When asked to do something I like to mull, I like to fester and make […]

Why Social Hustling is NOT Social Marketing

Maybe I stand alone. Maybe I am just hard to please. Maybe I am just not getting “it”. But asking for a like, asking for a share…. endless competitions to retweet is NOT social marketing; it is social brand prostitution Click To Tweet Harsh? Too harsh to say this is not marketing but fake marketing for […]

The Simple Question To Improve Your Sales

…before building their business. It is a question that successful entrepreneurs can answer in relation to their market and it is simply… “Why doesn’t it work?” The answer is why the market needs YOU. Too often we worry we need customers but customers only come if they need us Click To Tweet If it works […]

Creative Spark to Customer Happiness Revealed


Happiness breeds creativity. Unhappiness creates need. Too often theses two emotions are felt by the wrong people in the business chain. Consumers are happy at finding new ways NOT to buy from you. Businesses are unhappy and need to fill the cashflow deficit, leading to unwise short term decisions. That is the wrong way round! Our […]

522 – What is the Experience Economy?

engaging brand podcast

Heard about the experience economy yet don’t really know what it is or how to incorporate into your business? No worries, today I am talking to Joe Pine who has been on the show before talking about Infinite Possibility one of my all time favourite books to get you thinking about how the world of customer […]