A Priceless Marketing Lesson For Us

business are for life not just mission statements

There are some things that just matter more. There are some things that mean more than money. Yesterday, I got a call from one of my Uncles neighbours who had found him disorientated. She had taken him in and continued to hold his hand until I drove the hour and forty minutes to be with […]

A Poignant Reminder of Social Understanding

Social business is not new. Relationship building has always been the cornerstone of business. It may have moved from the golf course to LinkedIn yet relationships are stronger for the investment in social understanding. Understanding is an important word and one that is not valued like it should be. It is a word with significance […]

The Simple Way of Finding Your Market Niche

free source of profit

  All customers are different. We are not looking for similar people or similar customers. People think that they need to attract ‘similar’ but is that the right way to look at your market? What if we offered something not to similar people but who share ‘uncommon commonalities’? How to think about uncommon commonalities When […]

520 – How to Be A Business Romantic

engaging brand podcast

How do you find the romance in business? Tim Leberecht joins me to talk about The Business Romantic: Give Everything, Quantify Nothing, and Create Something Greater Than Yourself, a new business book which helps us find happiness in our lives as entrepreneurs. Tim Leberecht is “the chief marketing officer of NBBJ, a global design and […]

Top Tip to Add Creativity To Your Business


Let’s admit it, we all have a rebellious streak. You, me and our customers. The more we are asked to conform the more uncomfortable we feel. Not that we all want to break the law BUT we do tend to extend the rules. Who maybe goes a couple of miles per hour over the speed […]

The Strange Truth Behind Great Brands

Not every business wants to achieve global domination. Not every entrepreneur wants to change the world forever. And that is OK. Business doesn’t have to be big to be great. Business needs to be focused to be great. We may not be able to save the world by ourselves however we can improve the world through […]

Why You Need a Brand Date Night

Be Proud

How proud are you of what you do? How proud are you of how you serve your market? Pride can be a weakness however ‘being proud of what you do’ is essential for your business. I was reminded of how important by Jeremy Miller in a wonderful chapter in Sticky Branding, his new branding book. Reading Jeremy’s […]

Assess Where You Sit on Brand Personality Spectrum

Brand personality

Personality is important; not what type of personality more having a personality that is clear to people. Look around at your friends…..their personalities may be different however I bet they are not bland, colourless people who offer nothing to your life? You will have people who are jokers, people who don’t speak a lot but […]