Secret Trove of Resources for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur you understand the phrase “The buck stops with you”. You feel the burden of making that business dream become reality. What if though we didn’t feel it was a burden, what if we saw this as an opportunity? An opportunity that needs you to make it happen not carry it on your shoulders each day, […]

Show 512 – Never Too Old to Be An Entrepreneur

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You have worked hard and bored with doing the same old thing each day – but is it too late to be an entrepreneur? Janet Graves, a former Woman’s Hour Producer for BBC Radio 4, now runs an independent radio production company: Pennine Productions LLP. and works as a coach and mentor helping people to reach their career goals. Janet Graves believes […]

Why Social Media Is Important – Read now

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When we understand someone’s motivation we understand them more. When we understand why, we understand them more. Like the story of the man, oblivious of his rowdy children on a train….the other passengers were getting really annoyed and one man went to tell him to control his children…..the man turned and apologised and said “I […]

Crucial Step In Securing Happy Customers

Be present for your customer

What makes you happy as a customer? What lesson can you take to secure happy customers for your business? Think about the last time you shared a great customer service experience with your friends – What was it that made it feel so good? So fabulous that you just had to share it with everyone? You […]