Show 505 – Build a Brand That Reflects You


Do you find yourself working on or in a business without feeling the true passion for it? Do you struggle to understand how to build a business and build a brand that reflects the true you rather than your skill set? Today I am joined by Andy Hayes founded PlumDeluxe, a website that helps you create […]

How To Win More Sales By Sacrificing More

How to Increase Sales through sacrifice

What are you willing to sacrifice for business success? Think hard about it because at the heart of this question is what makes your business special. You see many businesses only use the term ‘sacrifice’ when they are discussing the cost of the service or the cost of the product. You hear  – What can […]

Why Socialising is NOT Social Marketing


Blogging is one of the most underused and undervalued social media tools and I am glad! Because it means that if you take blogging seriously then you can still engage a committed audience. The emphasis for me is on the ‘engaged and committed audience‘. Yes, you can drive traffic from all social media tools. Yes, you […]

Show 504 – How to Sell Yourself and Your Expertise

Do you get embarrassed about selling? I know that I can be… on this weeks Engaging Brand podcast is a talk with Catherine Sandland (Presenting Queen on Twitter) someone I met when we both presented at the WIRE national conference. Catherine helps entrepreneurs to share and teach their expertise and today we talk about how to find […]

Quick Way to Improve Customer Experience

Stress in business

There may only be one letter between these two words but there is a huge difference in that one letter to your bottom line – are you distressing your customer and de-stressing the customer?  There is huge profits just waiting for anyone who can de-stress the purchase process. There is huge customer loyalty just waiting […]

Ensure You are Measuring the Right Business Value

business value

Business value is created over time. There is no short cut, there may be short term profit BUT value is a longer term goal. Value is not what you earn today; value is what you have earned, are earning and will earn tomorrow. Value is not delivered like profit; value is grown through consistent, repeated […]