536 -Is Self Service Really Self Disservice?


Have you noticed “how busy” we all are? Has technology brought more work into our lives? Just think about how much you do for companies – self service dominates. So how do we recognise this shadow work and what can we do about it? Craig Lambert, Ph.D, staff writer and editor at Harvard Magazine, joins me to […]

535 – Why Your Strategy Needs A Strategy


Strategy is such an overused, yet misunderstood word. So how do we approach creating a winning strategy? Martin Reeves, senior partner and managing director at BCG in New York, has co-written Your Strategy Needs a Strategy with Janmejaya Sinha and Knut Haanæs. Check out various materials associated with the book such as an animated video, the ipad strategy game and an interactive […]

534 – Competitive Advantage of a Connection Culture


We know how important it is to have a strong culture at work but how do you improve your connection skills at work to be a better leader, and cultivate a positive team spirit? That is the subject of my conversation with Mike Stallard this week. Mike is co-founder and president of E Pluribus Partners and has just written […]

Are You Being Too Sensible To Succeed?

We are taught from being children that sensible is a good thing. We are taught to be sensible and obey the rules. But …..being sensible can hold you back in business. Sensible is often seen as playing the safe game, yet the definition of sensible is “chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit“. […]

Who Else Wants to Be The Perfect Leader?

Stress in business

Do you believe your business is perfect? Do you believe your leadership style is perfect too? For all readers who answer yes….double check your view and those of your customers are in alignment! For the rest of us, long hard days are spent trying to make our business offer ‘perfect’. Let me challenge this idea of […]

533 – Dominate Digital Disruption Before It Dominates You


Digital can overwhelm. Digital can feel like the driver behind ALL marketing and business decisions but is that right? Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc joins Anna Farmery to talk about Disrupting Digital Business – his new business book published by Harvard Business Press. Why digital should not be disrupting […]

Are You Ready for the Renewal Challenge?

Ever feel burned out by all the newness and change that you have to embrace? Well don’t worry….the ‘experts’ are wrong! New marketing is about renewal not new techniques Click To Tweet Think about it…. We have always had content marketing – remember catalogues? We have always had conversations – just in person. We have […]

The Definition of Design For The Modern Consumer


Design is not about art. Design is not about beauty. Design is taking an idea and turning into value for the customer. A value that speaks to the mind and heart of the customer. When that value is distilled in the simplest form possible, the value offered is accepted and the acceptance leads to a […]