Goals, Objectives….I’m confused!

Well, not exactly me, but a lot of people who I talk to are…

So forget the jargon…if you know the person you are managing and their favourite hobby use terminology that equates to it. So I have been working with someone who loves travel and has never been to New Zealand and would love to….so we have the basis for a goal and objective sheet.


  1. Choose what you want to achieve – write it under a heading – My New Zealand
  2. Plot the journey and at each country have a way-marker…..a little achievement on the way to what you want to achieve.
  3. What do I need for my journey – under this list all the development work that they require.

In my live example we have put this together in a passport – home made – and I will stamp it when the steps are achieved. When the entire list has been completed I have promised to take her out for some New Zealand lamb.

This can work with most hopes, dreams, hobbies and gets some fun into the area….if they do not progress….I feel an immigration officer lurking!!!


  1. steve@stevefarber.com' says

    That idea is nothing short of inspired, Anna! The real beauty is that it requires you to learn her “hopes, dreams, and hobbies” in the first place. You can’t set meaningful goals/objectives/whatevers unless and until you know that person as a human being first. Look for a link back to this post on my site. Well done!

  2. says

    What I will do is post the example – I just have to get permission from the person. Thanks for your comment. I also did one with someone who enjoys cooking, this looked like a recipe card. It works because it is tailored and individual…it engages. Will post an example as soon as I can.
    TITLE: But do you know what their dream vacation is?
    URL: http://life.ducttapemarketing.com/2006/08/but_do_you_know.html
    BLOG NAME: businesslife
    DATE: 08/01/2006 10:11:52 PM
    I’m still flabbergasted, amazed, delighted at what I read (honestly what I experienced when I read) Goals, Objectives…I’m Confused over at The Engaging Brand blog. The premise is when you’re managing…forget the jargon, the cliche’s, the manager-spe…

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