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On this show I talk with Martin Lindstrom, the 'brand futurist' and author of the book Brand Sense. I have heard Martin speak several times and I have been trying to get him on the show for a while (he is one busy man!), as I love his passion for explaining how and why, to use all the senses in your branding strategy. Martin covers

  • How and why all the senses are important
  • The effect of the internet on branding
  • How companies need to 'think differently'

Some links that I mention in the intro – my engagement wiki, my leadership questions on my profile. Thanks to Ann Rusnak, David Finch, Bobby Hewitt, Joanna Young, Jason Jarrett, Jed Baxter, Andrew Kaplan and Roger Wilsher. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts and ideas 🙂

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  1.' says

    Hi Anna,

    Great Show. Martin is always good value but you brought some good insights to the interview. A key take-away for me was your very simple example of thinking about ‘the induction pack’ as an early sensory experience of a new employer, its culture, its tone of voice, its expectations… and the opportunity to win hearts and minds. The example could have been anything, but the point is, how can we approach developing communications tools to create the most synergistic results, like Martin says to ensure “2+2+2=10!” It really isn’t about big budget items to break the bank.

    One of the most inspiring people I have worked with in this vein is HP’s Gabriele Zedlmayer (, who has a gift for creating fun, differentiating, and engaging branding and communications tools if anything inspired by a limited budget. For example, you’d be amazed how the initial sponsorship of the WilliamsBMW Formula One team was great negotiation; powerful and sensory brand fit; and creative implementation, rather than hard cash!

    I review Martin’s book Brand Sense, and others, from an audio branding over at the Sound Strategies blog (just click my name to go straight there).

    Thanks again, Ronna

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