Show #186 – The Relationship Economy

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Today I talk with Jay Deragon, all about the new style relationship economy. You can download the book free of charge by clicking here for The Relationship Economy –Download RelationshipEconomy-eBookv.04.pdf I also include an audio comment from Simon Young who loves the new mac version of Go to meeting – if you want to hear the interview I had with Simon on creative communication techniques then you can listen here.


What is the revolution of the relationship economy?

Is social media enabling relationships or connections?

The struggle of turning on line relationships into economic value?

Is there a difficulty with making money through relationships with friends?

Will people accept businesses making money from their on – line relationship?

Is creating a relationship about gaining influence over behaviour?

Are there global cultural differences that will complicate internet marketing?

The difference between sharing information than sharing knowledge and how do businesses move from information sharing to knowledge sharing?

Can businesses build relationships at an individual rather than the market level ?

How do you create time within a business to invest in consumer relationships?

Will consumers form cooperatives and cut business out of the loop, if companies don’t join in the relationship economy?

How the world will change as social networking increase across the population?


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  1.' says

    About: Is social media enabling relationships or connections?

    I listened to the podcast and there’s no doubt that social media enables more connections than before and, surely, with people you’d never connect with before,but i’m not sure it means more relationships than before. I think what hasn’t change is how much time we have available and relationships require the same time investment as before. They fulfill a higher need than mere connections and just take a lot of time to create&nurture. The risk I see is that actually to maintain/grow all those connections so that they can be valuable channels for some kind of transactions(x00 connections in linkedin/facebook), we may have to carve into the time we used to allocate to nurture relationships. Scary.
    Today, I was listening to a show on NPR about “is google making us stupid”. Recent studies indicate that student are less able to read a book. They’ve been train to click and scan, spending a little time on a lot of things rather than a lot of time on few things.
    Interesting parrallel isn’t it?

  2. says

    Laurent I agree which is the reason for the question on the show. Connections are made easier but I still feel the majority of real relationships are built in person or by talking. Does the web make that easier I am not sure it does. My fear is that as it is easier to connect this devalues the skill of building relationships…a bit like how texting has reduced our spelling ability? After saying that I think we are at the start of the curve and we will learn a new way of communicating and a new way of developing the relationships.
    Great point – thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts

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