Finding a brands voice


Finding your voice is an important part of social media. A voice of a human being is not a tangible thing, it is the combination as defined by wikipedia as

"The lung must produce adequate airflow and air pressure to vibrate
vocal folds … The vocal
folds (vocal cords) are a vibrating valve that chops up the airflow
from the lungs into audible pulses …The articulators (.. consisting of tongue, palate, cheek, lips, etc.) articulate and filter
the sound emanating from the larynx

For brands it is the same, finding your voice is a combination.

  1. Understanding of who you are (and who you are not!) and what you stand for
  2. The ability to express your ideas through words and actions
  3. The ability to connect the rational reasons why your brand is worth listening to, with the emotional reasons which cause people to want to connect with your brand.

For me there are 4 steps to finding your brand voice

  1. Truly understanding who you are
  2. Investing in communication skills
  3. Finding communication and social media tools which fit with your communication style
  4. Practice, learn, practice, learn, practice…forever!
A voice doesn't just happen, it is a combination of understanding, skill and learning.
Anna has spent over 20 years as a Board Director at several global brands. She now runs her own company The Engaging Brand which supports business leaders who want to transition to the new social business model. She is also a speaker, writer and radio show presenter on social business, indeed her podcast The Engaging Brand has been nominated 6 years running as Best Business Podcast at the Podcast Awards. She brings an unusual mix of experience to business - she has a 1st Class Law Degree, MBA in marketing and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. This unusual mix means not just explaining the why of being social but how to turn social into a measurable business tactic to grow your bottom line. Her blog is recognised as one of the leading UK marketing blogs.

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