Show 259 – Social Networking Brand Case Study

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Today we take a look at a case study of how a brand is using social networking. I talk with Pettrina Keogh who is the Managing Director of Gurgle. This is a site aimed at young mothers and is a fantastic example of how a brand can use social networking to create brand engagement. We talk about

  • Why use social networking to build a brand
  • Is the site to connect readers to readers or brand to readers?
  • How the site is seen as a hub of information rather than a website
  • How you attract people to the community
  • Why is social networking so important in brand engagement
  • Are there different strategies for different social media tools?
  • How to protect yourself legally on giving advice on a social networking site
  • The importance of measurement and tips on how to measure the success of social networking
  • How to choose keywords to attract consumers
  • How consumers are becoming more "intelligent" about social media
  • How they provide tools for their consumers to share between themselves

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      Social Media is playing a great role in connecting one people to another, from website to website and contents to contents.

      Just wondering what would be the changes in social media in the near future
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      Show 259 – Social Networking Brand Case Study – The Engaging Brand

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