Show 329 – How to get the best out of your brain

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The brain is such an important part of human beings and yet we seem not to spend time thinking about how to get the best out of our own brains and the people around others. I recently read Shine a book by Dr Edward Hallowell, MD on how to develop a team and a life which shines above all others. Edward is  is a psychiatrist and served as an instructor at Harvard Medical School for 20 years, we talk about

  • How the brain has its limits and yet is plastic and can change.
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  • The reason why social media can overload our brains.
  • Is social media good for the brain.
  • How to develop the cycle of excellence.
  • Can we connect with anybody?
  • How you need to like or respect your team members?
  • How to unleash the power of great work.
  • How human connection is a better predictor of poor health than smoking!
  • Does emotional connection need to be with a person can it be to a vision, brand or goal?
  • How to encourage play within your team?
  • A fantastic way of improving customer service…
  • Difference between good suffering and bad suffering

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    That sounds like a fantastic book. I’ll definitely keep a lookout on our local bookstore. I do certainly want to read up on how to further enhance excellence and various skills.

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