6 Killer Apps of History

I was lucky enough to go to TedxGlobal streaming at the National Media Museum. The first speaker was the historian Niall Ferguson who was speaking about how the West economy had succeeded in history – he mentioned the 6 Killer Apps, which are not in any order

  1. Competition
  2. Scientific Revolution
  3. Property rights
  4. Modern medicine
  5. Consumer Society
  6. Work Ethic

It made me think about how this list would look like in a 100 years time – when we are probably talking about South America, China, India and possibly parts of Africa. This is what I came up with  - the 6 Killer Apps of the Future

  1. Competition
  2. Scientific Revolution
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Connectivity (in its general sense)
  5. Social entrepreneurship – (reducing power of governments?)
  6. Creative ethic

What would yours be?


  1. Anna says

    Understand the point but the question is why did they have that power…and the 6 things above were major factors…

    p.s. not sure any of the world can say they own goodness, I mean human rights are not exactly great in…China, Burma, Zimbabwe, Rwanda etc etc

  2. usman@softechms.com' says

    Niall Ferguson’s new book and TV series tackle one of the fundamental questions of world history how the west came to dominate the rest. Here he reveals the killer apps that powered western civilisation and considers how much longer the west’s supremacy will last.

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