5 Insights into Business Strategy by Michael Porter

I have just finished reading Understanding Michael Porter – watch out for an interview with Joan Magretta on The Engaging Brand podcast. Porter is someone that felt academic and yet I wanted to understand it…this book is a great little insight into how simple in a way Porter is!  As we come to the end […]

Show 364 – Saving Capitalism From Short-Termism

Show 364 of The Engaging Brand business and marketing podcast is here just for you talking about social media and marketing. As an author and educator, Al Rappaport is a pioneer in developing the principles of values-based management and is an acknowledged authority on how to make long-term shareholder value the essential driver of corporate strategy. He joins Anna Farmery to talk […]

Using personalised products to enhance a brand

When prospective clients approach a company to form a partnership or to buy a product it is important that businesses provide them with the right look and feel. Now this can be achieved on a different number of levels from the way that new customers are addressed, approached, talked to and how a firm markets […]

4 Insights Into Social Media Innovation

In a sense there is nothing new in this world. Communication is communication whether it is by smoke signal, telephone or blog! So we can all shut down our computers and relax, if there is nothing new to say ..however we know that people have choice, we know that people are using the internet more […]

5 Clues for Writing Social Media Blockbusters

Social media is a wonderful way to engage people. Many events and many courses highlight the technology that can help you…but the key ingredient of effective social media is the content, the writing….and we can learn a lot from writers at the top of their profession. I am an avid student of how artists and […]

5 R’s of Memories

Abigail Sellen of Microsoft Research has a wonderful tool to talk about how we preserve artifacts of memory. I was reading about this in The Future of Looking Back – you can listen to the podcast interview here. Abigail speaks of the 5 R's Reminiscing Reflecting Recollecting Retrieving Remembering I like this model because I […]