Are you the new expert?

The reason I ask is as the web becomes the expert village, technology is redefining what we mean by experts….

The concept of expert appears to be evolving from a technical skill to an emotional and personal skill.

The individual is becoming empowered as their own true expert. 

  1. The internet is allowing YOU to do your own market research, YOU to often know more about the product than the sales person.
  2. No one can design a mass product that suits YOUR distinct personality….YOU are now the expert on what you want and companies are the conduit for its production such as Nike trainers and….
  3. 3D printing allows YOU to design and produce products from as diverse as chocolates to furniture.
  4. Social media allows YOU to be the commicator of your own message, your own expertise. No one has the distinct, unique skills that you have….and that set of skills combined with the means of portraying them…gives you the expertise to share your knowledge.
  5. Social media is allowing you to build your own specialist crowd to fill in your own knowledge gaps….YOU are your own yellow pages/directory.

You are your own expert…the question is…what will you do with it?

You can be your own producer, salesperson, marketer, designer……because the world has give you the technology to build your own world, and no one is more expert than you on what you require…

The question is …..if you are the new expert for your own world…how will you use it to make the world a better place?


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