Do you create a lasting smile with your content?

People tend to remember the first thing and the last thing they see….

In today's economy we can also translate that to – people tend to remember the first and the last experience with your company.

It's one of the reasons that social media works well as it can often be the first or the last in a chain of purchasing decision making….

Social marketing can add that touch of simplicity, of help, of personality to that purchasing cycle.

It can reach out and guide them to some advice…

It can help to sort out a query…

It can help in sorting out an issue…

It can provide the filter for research…

It can offer an incentive..

It can provide simple, quick, easy channel to purchase…

Whatever you do as a business, creates an impression – good or bad!

However, how many businesses see each second…or each interaction…as an experience guider?

Social media is often termed content marketing….I agree…but you know that doesn't mean that you should see it as merely content…..

Are people let down with your content? Or are people merely content with your content…or

do you leave them with that fabulous moment which leaves a lasting smile?

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