7 Deadly Sins of Brand Marketing

  1. Bombarding the inbox with information you want to share, rather than the customer wants to receive
  2. Making access to your brand so damn difficult! Anyone get frustrated with no assistants…hidden contact details on website, bad navigation, that wretched message about how the brand 'values us' whilst making us hit 27 phone options and waiting for an hour.
  3. Overpromising and underdelivering…..so much better the other way round.
  4. Inconsistency – make sure service, product, delivery, interfaces, payments and add on's all show the brand values
  5. Think product or service attributes NOT experiences. How many firms see customer service as an overhead rather than a value creator? How many see it as an adjunct to sales rather than the creator of loyalty?
  6. Think of the prospective sale as the chance of a financial transaction not the creation of a relationship
  7. Think what will work in the short term not the long term of the brand

None of these are difficult to put right….but how often do we have a deadly sin audit!

Need some inspiration…..have you listened to creating insanely great customer service

(Tomorrow I will be doing the 7 Lovely Loves of Social Marketing so if you have a benefit you want to share email or tweet me it and I will include)


  1. adrian@unitpartners.com' says

    I really like this and agree with all the points. So much so that I would like to share it to my Facebook page but it doesn’t look like either of the following URL’s are connecting properly with a thumbnail or description and the preview looks quite untidy on my wall which puts me off posting it to my followers.



    Am I the only one having this problem?

    Follow up appreciated, as I would eventually like to share this content.



  2. adrian@unitpartners.com' says

    Hello Anna,

    I’m using Safari and just tried Firefox. Whenever I try and post the URL on my company FB page the preview and description comes up as a bit.ly link with no image, description or title.

    Not sure… if it’s working for you perhaps Facebook is doing some maintenance right now?

  3. adrian@unitpartners.com' says


    Must be a Facebook issue. I’ll find a way around it over the next couple of days. Just checked out your Facebook page. I actually grew up in Bradford, spent 20 years there. Small world.



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