8 Reasons Why Customers Are More Than Just Buyers

Step change innovation seems so much easier when you are outside the industry.

Think Nike with fitness technology, think Apple with music, think Gore and environment.

Outsiders can see through the "Why we can't", the "We've tried that before"…and they ask we need to, so how do we? 

Socialising business has one huge benefit for creativity and innovation. Each business has at their fingertips…true outsiders…they are called Customers or Consumers! The new customer relationship management is not about creating reasons to buy, but seeing the customer as a resource bank of value.

If you listen to outsiders they can help you

  1. Develop innovation at the boundaries of your industry…not just line extensions to your core.
  2. Source what competitors offer and what differentiates them from you
  3. Source ideas and future projects
  4. Help simplify your product or service…removing the lovely add-ons but that no one ever uses!
  5. Help you sell your product through social media and review feedback
  6. Help you fund growth through crowdfunding.
  7. Help you with find the right talent or skills which you require to grow into the future – crowdsourcing.
  8. Challenge you when inside the organisation you are coasting.

Customers are an outside resource….why not see them as supplying ideas, connections and resources …not just money!

Outsiders in the shape of customers and non customers, bring a different view….how many of you spoken to, today?


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