Stepping Stones to Social Business Model

"Wherever life is, it never retreats"

Words of Kevin Kelly during his 2005 Ted Talk on How Technology Evolves.

As much as we sometimes would like the world to stop so that we can catch our breath….it won't.

I have written about social business a lot recently and that is because I feel that technology evolves then business models adapt to cope with the technology.

Social media was a use of the technology. The greater effect though was raising the expectation of the consumer. Now the consumer has found their voice, they want more… Oliver Twist!

A voice is wonderful but what about the chance not to talk about what you want, but to make what you want…now that is power.

Social business will emerge but in small steps. There are many stepping stones to a full social business happening now.

Think crowdsourcing, think kickstarter, think ideas and creativity like MyStarbucks, think cubify which is creating a community of ideas available to manufacture to one and all……

It is not about becoming a fully integrated social business tomorrow….but how are trying to bring yourself closer to the customer?

Do you use social media?

Do you ask them for ideas?

Do you crowdsource concepts?

Do you work with customers on future products?

Do you create a loyalty contract through add ons which provide an ongoing relationship – such as Genuis Bars? This is not a useless insurance contract, it is a way of working together before the next purchase.

Start thinking today how you can break down the walls of your business – social media started to chip away….

but the customer is now ready to bulldozer the rest and become part of your company…..not as a gesture, as a social business model of the future.

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