5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Online Image

If you thought your closet built up a lot of junk over the winter, try looking at your Facebook. You may not think about it as you're creating statuses and events, but your Facebook and other social media websites can easily get cluttered with excess information that can quickly stray from the intended focus of your company's message. This message is a highly important component of your brand's image, which is why it's equally important to monitor your company's activities online to ensure a perfect fit. To get started on your digital spring-cleaning, consider the following five tips.

1. Pay Attention to Online Buzz About Your Business

If someone wants to learn more about Chicago attractions for a vacation, one of the first places he or she may likely go to find information will be social media websites—to find out what other customers on these websites are saying. For tourists especially, your reputation online will have a significant impact on whether or not these customers choose your business, which is why you'll need to make sure that all issues are resolved and only positive reviews are present on your company's social media pages.

2. Take Advantage of New Features

Social media websites are constantly updating their interfaces with new features that companies can take advantage of to present a more modern and appealing professional image. While you're clearing out the old information on your websites, make sure to replace it with new images and updates that reflect the current status of your company.

3. Re-evaluate Your Connections

As your brand evolves, you have to refocus and re-evaluate all of the associations you have gained throughout the years. The brands and professionals you associate with certainly have a reflection on your company as well, so it's important to consistently purge friend lists, following lists, and other connections that you have built online. Look through all of these connections and honestly ask yourself "Does associating with this brand improve or reduce our company's appeal?" If the answer is reduce, consider cutting off these connections.

4. Sync Up Your Sites

Do you update your Twitter every day, but haven't written a blog post in several months? Your social media sites can easily become out of sync throughout the year, which is why conducting spring-cleaning at least once in this 12-month duration is crucial for keeping everything in sync. Keep all of your followers up to date and be sure to make it easy for your fans to connect with your brand through every site and social media account you have on the web.

5. Change Log-In Information

For security purposes, it's usually a good idea to periodically change your log-in information for all of your social media accounts to ensure that only authorized individuals will be able to access and alter these accounts. This is especially crucial if the company recently lost a few employees or ceased working with a business that led the company's social media marketing campaign.

The same feeling of relief and accomplishment you get from finally getting your spring cleaning done will multiply in intensity by the number of websites you have online. Since many of your potential customers and partners will likely access your brand's information through these mediums, it's good to be prepared and up to date with an image that reflects your company's overall message.

Today in a guest post from the wonderful Joseph Baker who is a wonderful friend to The Engaging Brand

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