Podcast 390 – Sir Terry Leahy on Management and Retailing

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Sir Terry Leahy is credited with turning round retailing in the UK. He led Tesco from a struggling business to a global force, through 'simply' putting the customer first. image from ecx.images-amazon.com

He joins Anna Farmery to discuss the  Management in 10 Words, a book in which he reveals the experiences that shaped his business philosophy. 

  • How the 10 Words have come from both his early life and also through the experience of leading a successful retailer
  • What he learned from writing the book.
  • Truth – why business is bad at confronting reality and why the truth is vital.
  • How the way a corporation thinks is so vital to success
  • How being led by the consumer created a new culture and more value for shareholders and customers
  • How the customer can be incorporated into the business strategy and even save you money!
  • How to assign responsibility to put the customer first
  • The 5 stages of getting something to happen
  • How technology should free to people to human not replace them
  • How data is only valuable if you use it to create customer loyalty and how marketing should use data
  • How and why Tesco created Clubcard and what data is for…
  • The paradox of the abundance of choice and the need to help customers make choices
  • How to learn from competitors rather than dismissing their weaknesses

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