There is no such thing as being passive on the web

The web is a mix of passive and active behaviour.

People will be very active on sharing photo's, sending tweets, updating profiles and of course in searching for information.

People are almost active on the internet so they don't have to be active in 'real life'. They don't have to tell people what they are up to, they don't have to walk around the shops for the best price…

Yet with much content there is a passitivity, there is a lack of true conversational marketing because only a certain few want to either create or comment on content.

There is a risk with your marketing to see this as passive behaviour…..its not, they are seeing your content from being active….by subscribing to RSS, by liking your Facebook page, by reading the search results.

Social marketing is not about ensuring everyone participates in the content, it is about making sure that your brand is relevant to the actions they take…..therefore

  • Social media can enhance your google ranking
  • Social media can help them pass information to their friends
  • Social media can answer their question
  • Social media can take them through the research and decision process of buying

None of those things are passive……it is about creating content to help their actions, not necessarily to make you feel better through interaction!

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