Social Media is about both Freedom and Control

WIth all the technology such as social media about, it has given people more freedom than ever…freedom to express, freedom to congregate behind a cause, freedom to create businesses.

But as much as freedom excites human with the opportunites, it can be frightening…and in a sense that is where you, the brand, the company… come in

  • As much as people want freedom, they also like a system…social media can be used by your brand to give consumers expression but also shows a structure…so the freedom to express ideas or views through a recognised system of control. Control which filters spam and abuse, for example or even act as a control mechanism over the delivery of the brand promise.
  • People like to be seen as unique – I wish I had a pound for every time a company said "Ah yes but our industry is different!". Social media can provide the bridge that consumers are looking for….they don't want total power over you, they want self expression and the chance to be listened to…
  • A thriving society has roles, has boundaries… but within that allows for uniqueness. The uniqueness is the thread that brings society together. Social media can allow the self expression (the unique qualities) and at the same time act as a filter, act as a means of bringing like minded people together. Like minded does not mean the same, it means uniqueness around a topic.

Your social media marketing plan should include

  • Showing your uniqueness and how you not only understand but want to facilitate uniqueness with your customers.
  • Showing you respect differing views on your topic area….embracing discussions and linking to different points of view. The world will always be 3 dimensional…..make your social media efforts stand out by not talking about just your views but all views.
  • Find ways to value individuals and start inside the organisation. Allowing them to have self expression (within normal boundaries such as sensitive data) and coaching them as faciliators of the consumers self expression. Discussion is what creates ideas, creates uniqueness…..
  • Social media can also give comfort, comfort over that system of control. So if you are happy or unhappy with service there is a control in place to share… media can ask for ideas but then show how ideas get filtered, social media can unite around causes for your industry…a lone individual cannot always change the world, but a group …well, maybe!


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