The Social Bill of Social Rights Test

Wondering whether social media is for you? Your boss wants to do it because everyone else is doing it, but is not sure? 

I like to think of it like this…

If you can't sign up to the Social Bill of Social Rights then social marketing is not for you. Here it is

  1. We promise to embrace the social freedoms of others and use the social web as a forum for ideas not as a means of control.
  2. We promise the right to bear your arms and fingers on the social tools to people who work in this company because we trust you to uphold our values.
  3. We promise not to 'quarter' our social media to outsiders because we cannot be bothered.
  4. We promise the right of each employee to have a social life will not be compromised and facebook accounts will not be searched prior to employment without seeing the person as a human first, understanding a party doesn't not mean they will be unprofessional at work.
  5. We promise that our social endeavours will be judged by our followers whose level of engagement will constitute the true jury of the quality and not quantity of our activity.
  6. We promise that in those times when things go wrong, we will welcome the voice of the internet and promise to engage in an open manner to resolve the situation.
  7. We promise to socialise and not just tell civilians how good we are!
  8. We promise never to punish openness and creativity and build walled gardens difficult to penetrate by an honest employee and honest customer.
  9. We promise to protect the values of the Internet – liberty, fraternity and equality
  10. We promise to uphold the power of the voice and respect the strength of socialising with people who pay our wages

Clearly this is all based on the overriding premise that ordinary management of bad behavior – Internet based or not – continues as usual.

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