Podcast 400 – Emerging Technology and Emerging Markets

I can't believe that it is podcast 400 of The Engaging Brand podcast covering social media, business ideas and brand marketing tips.

As it is a special milestone I invited Duann Scott from Shapeways to talk about how new models are developing which are different to the traditional business model – bringing the customer inside of the walls.

  • How Shapeways are  working with the customer to design, build and sell their own ideas
  • How they create a marketplace for small business and a test market for ideas
  • How mass production is being overtaken by stock on demand
  • How Shapeways is helping companies make a higher profit margin
  • How consumers can think, make and sell their own ideas…now!…how Shapeways see the future trends of manufacturing
  • Is 3D printing an online activity or will it lead to retails stores?
  • How personalised gifts are changing from adapting a standard product to mass customisation
  • Are we near to a factory in a kitchen with 3d printer and what is 3D printing?
  • What are the legal implications of printing in 3d and the role of copyright in emerging markets
  • Should business be looking at partnering with Shape ways or getting the emerging technology in house – new revenue streams for your business
  • How the change in digital files has changed the music and film industry – and how it will change other industries in the future

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