5 Solutions to the Infinite Possibilities of Social Media

Business has now infinite possibilities, only restricted by the ability to commit to being a social business and exploring the infinite possibilities.

However infinite possibilities can lead to infinite problems unless you have a clear strategic plan

  • Don't get overwhelmed with the chance of a global market – focus on a niche area in which you can offer a difference. The niche should be clear in terms of offer but remember doesn't become restricted by geography.
  • Don't get overwhelmed by inifinate shelf space…the fact the internet offers the ability to offer everything, it doesn't mean you have to…offering something that is extraordinary is better than offering everything that is ordinary.
  • Don't get overwhelmed by connecting with all social networks – focus on where your customers are, what your strengths are and which platforms show your own brand personality at its best.
  • Don't be fooled that the web increases the power of your budget….yes, more audience for the investment…but the price is time commitment.
  • Don't be fooled by the infinite number of potential connections…..a finite number of personal connections on social networks developed for the quality of conversation is better than an infinite number of contacts in your address book.

The power of inifinity is to develop your niche globally and being able to express your brand personality in an infinite choice of ways….the power of social business is developing from those infinite choices is a focused niche with a focused plan for social media.


  1. jamieviggiano93@gmail.com' says

    It is true that the Web and the social media offer infinite possibilities in terms of marketing. But the Internet is a very big world, and you can get lost in the sea of platforms, contents and channels. Aside from the tips given above, another suggestion is don’t be fooled by the number of platforms. There are a lot of social media channels that can be used for marketing, but not all work for your advantage. It would be best to choose wisely what channel suits your purposes best.

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