Podcast 406 – Generating Leads Through Email Marketing

The latest show of the free The Engaging Brand podcast covering social media, business ideas and brand marketing tips is here and ready to listen to…

John Wall of one of my favourite podcasts – Marketing Over Coffee – joins me Anna Farmery to talk about how to generate leads through email and even more Marketing Confessionsimage from www.roninmarketeer.com

  • The concept of Marketing Confessions – and how email marketing is often about trial and error.
  • Why reading is important to John Wall and how reading shaped his business life.
  • How reading is more than learning from the content – how reading can help with your social marketing campaign and your public speaker.
  • How style needs to be built into your email newsletter
  • The concept of alpha/beta state of marketing
  • Is there a link to writing a song in creating email campaigns – the idea of creating a hook
  • How 'dark social' is driving traffic to your website
  • The key to creating successful call to actions in email
  • The importance of testing in marketing campaigns
  • Is click through the best test for a marketing campaign?
  • Should your focus be on using keywords into your email campaign or on creating call to actions?
  • How to use Google Analytics for marketing?
  • How to use Webinars and Google + for creating leads
  • Segmenting customers
  • Spending ads on LinkedIn and Facebook

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