Why you shouldn’t aim to beat the competition

Business is naturally a competitive environment, we have a built in DNA to grow our business, compete in the market…beat the competition.  

Social media is a different way of seeing the market. It is about winning, not by beating the opposition which can be costly through promotions, ad spends etc …..but winning as a by product of cooperation.

Social media recognises the human need for connection. It recognises that conversation and being there to help, to educate, to entertain is the fuel for society to succeed. Therefore conversation leads to connection (if done properly!) and connection allows you to influence the buying pattern of the consumer. So…

  • You create engaging conversations
  • To create connection
  • Connection opens the consumers mind to purchase from your brand
  • Purchase leads to growth
  • Connection after purchase leads to loyalty
  • Loyalty leads to growth
  • Growth leads to beating the competition

But beating the competititon is a by product….too many companies have this as their main goal with social media used to deliver it….no, social media works best when the main goal is connection.

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