Do you use the salt and pepper test?

It is a test that was taught to me by my good old Dad…

Look constantly at whether the business, whether the processes, whether the systems, whether the products and services are…

Either complementing or supplementing otherwise they have become salt and pepper…something added out of habit or without assessing whether it is actually required

Too often to increase volume, increase profit, to create sales we add salt and pepper products…line extensions, other brands or complexity without thinking whether this is complimenting or supplementing the brand. 

If it is then the volume etc will come…..because it is creating value which customers want to buy…

If it is a salt and pepper solution to a short term will destroy value as it is diluting the brand.

So think about why you need an extra process, an extra line extension, an extra management level….is it masking an underlying brand problem or does it pass the salt and pepper test?


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