Social Media – Changing Business Thinking and Business Processes

The internet has changed many things including how we view the world.

We see our connections making the world a smaller place, we see markets all over the globe.

It has helped us not to find a new way of business…but to reengage with the old style of business. A style that was about recommendation, a style that was born on human interaction…a style that knew that each interaction in your local community was important in building a bigger, better brand.

So yes the web has changed how we think about consumers and how consumers think about brands but we can get stuck in those thoughts…

…instead at the end of this week take a minute to think about how the web, how social media has changed how we view but how we enact our business and how we build our brand.

The process has moved from linear to networked.

The process has moved from mass marketing to marketing for the masses.

The process has moved from face to fact to many touchpoints: key to key, screen to screen

The process has moved from waiting times and delivery dates to immediacy and choice.

The web truly has influenced a change in the way business should think, but more than that it has shaped new approaches.

When you think of your social marketing….are you both thinking and processing in a social way?

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