Do You Work Too Hard?

A few year's ago I read this poem or business anecdote from Steve Pavlina

Here lies John, who passed away

While answering his email one day.

No friend, no child, no loving mate

Could keep poor John from working late.

With each new mail, he worked like hell

To click ”reply” instead of “del.”

A prompt response he’d always give

But somehow he forgot to live.

This weekend reflect on this…

…producing stunning work needs you to be at your best

…being a great leader needs you to have a clear mind

….being an outstanding manager needs you to have great energy

…to be a successful entrepreneur needs you to look after yourself first, so you can look after the business.

Working hard is not the same as working smart. Working hard is not the same as working at your optimum, no…

To be successful, you need to live…why? because that is what your customer's are doing and you need to understand business from their perspective.


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