Engaging Brand Podcast 411 – Killer Innovations

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So today Phi McKinney, innovation consultant, former Chief Technology Officer of HP'S Personal System Group and host to one of the earliest podcast that I ever listened to...Killer Innovations.
beyond the obvious

  • Why is there an innovation gap between how people see it as important and the skills needed to achieve it?
  • Can you manage innovation as a process? Or does innovation need innovative thinking!
  • How innovation is about looking at a problem from an angle that no one else has looked from.
  • What questions should you ask yourself to think "Beyond the Obvious"
  • How watching how the customer shops can inspire innovation.
  • How to 'watch' the customer buy when you are dealing on the web.
  • How do you balance delivering the operational short term profit targets and spend time on long term innovation?
  • The 70:20:10 model of Innovation at HP
  • His thoughts on HP looking at consumer 3D printing – how will that affect the business model.
  • Does there need to be innovative thinking in the supply chain for a truly social business, embracing potentially new technology?
  • The importance of a leader mentoring others to pay it forward.

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