How Success if a Series of Listening Moments

Business is a network, a living network. The problem is how you keep the "living" part true in a world of short term decisions and functional responsibilities. So how do you keep creating business ideas breathing in a framework which is not built to provide oxygen to them?

New business ideas or the best business ideas forget about structure – the structure of the business and the market. Successful management and leadership don't make products and services fit existing systems…no, they let the products and services define the system, the platform to deliver to customers. Why? Because breakthrough thinking needs breakthrough approaches.

For social businesses of the future we need to let go of owning the idea and forcing it through traditional methods….we need to let the product and service "live" and tell us the best way to make it, sell it and market it…

Ideas need to be listened to as much as customers…if we look at them as a being that we need to give life to…then we make better decisions than if we get the idea and force it through existing formats……an iPod came alive because of iTunes…the delivery of music was changed in order to bring life to the hardware.

I wrote yesterday that failure is an option…..sometimes you will misinterpret what the product needs…that is fine if you have a system of early detection and the mindset to change it. Success is rarely achieved first time, success is a series of listening moments.

These moments are created from listening to

  • the idea
  • the employees
  • the marketplace
  • the reviews
  • social media comments


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