Podcast 410 – How to Lead the Way

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So today Terrence Seamon joins me Anna Farmery to talk about how to "Lead the Way".

  • Employee engagement – is engagement an outcome of leadership behaviours or something
    image from media.licdn.com you should consistently work on. Check out David Zinger on Employee Engagement and the Employee Engagement on Ning.
  • Should leaders think about employee engagement as connecting employees to the company goals or to something inside of them?
  • Should we think about leadership differently in a modern connected economy – is less about leadership or cyclone-ship!
  • How leadership is not complicated – it is simply about being a good person – you don't have to be Winston Churchill!
  • Are the lever's of employee engagement independent or co-dependent like the mechanics of a clock?
  • How to keep managers motivated – how to keep motivated when led by a bad leader.
  • The importance of mind, body and soul.
  • How to balance being a rebel and a peacemaker

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