Wisdom of Technology Entrepreneurs

I love Wired as a magazine and last month there was an article called MBA-in-a-minute. The business article looked at the graduation day wisdom of tech entrepreneurs and I wanted to share some with you

  • Eric Schmidt of Google- "Entrepreneurs use technology as a tool to improve society…You are the ones who harness it's power"
  • Elon Musk of Paypal – " Imagination is the limit…You are the magicians of the 21st Century; don't let anything hold you back"
  • Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook – "As you lead in this new world, your strength won't come from your place on some org chart, but from building trust and earning respect"
  • Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn – "..think in networks; they create a sonar map of intelligence and expertise, information and insight"
  • Guy Kawasaki of Alltop – " Embrace, accept and cause change…..The ability to change your mind means that you're thinking, questioning and courageous enough to admit mistakes"
  • DJ Patil of Greylock– ""Build quickly, test, fail fast and learn from that experience. …You have to fully commit, to be comfortable failing, learning and repeating the cycle until you accomplish your goal.”

We can all be inspired by great speeches….it can be the fuel to drive through those brick walls which often face us….two things you can do this weekend

  1. Why not write your own graduation speech….to inspire you
  2. Why not get your team together and give them a 5 minute talk about the vision and how each one of them can bring the vision to reality?

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