Podcast 409 – Planning the Perfect Presentation

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So today Nancy Duarte  joins me Anna Farmery to talk about how to plan the perfect
presentation. We talk about persuasive presentions (inc case study)

  • The concept of persuasive presentations
  • The idea of a presenter being a curator of content
  • Why you should get to know the audience before the presentation
  • How to persuade people who have been told to be at the presentation!
  • How to sell an unwelcome message in a presentation
  • The importance of thinking of the key influencers
  • How you need to amplify contrasts to sell the message
  • How to create a presentation that 'resonates' 
  • Great presentations create what is…and then what could be…
  • The need to create a call to action
  • How twitter is creating the need for sound bites, create sharebale sentences within the presentation
  • Should sound bites have both emotional and analytical appeal?
  • How you can use Diagrammer to enhance presentations

I mention that it is not the first time that I have interviewed Nancy, here is a link to How to Engage Your Audience

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