Film Preview – New Social Media Blockbuster

Many companies who are interested in social media think that they will run out of things to blog about after the first week or so….Here is a poster that I use to help them think about blogging for business  and indeed any other social marketing initiative 


Whether it be a song, a film, a book….remakes can be even more popular than the original content. 

Social media is about exploring your area of expertise from many angles, which I often describe as the social diamond approach. Just as a diamond shines because of the angles, so your social media can 'dazzle' by taking viewpoints to your sector or industry

When social marketing is done best, it is a remake yes of your subject area…but like all great director's you put your twist on it….you change the context of the story. Your story stays constant to help build the brand equity, however you look outside of your business to change contexts which resonate with your consumers.

If you did a movie poster of your blog what would it say?

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