My Social Media Memory Book

Next to my desk is a colourful little ornament of a girl smiling, dressed in bright colours and a bow in her hair – why? Because it reminds me of an Aunt who I lost this year, she was the 'crazy but loveable aunt who had been there, done it and got the t-shirt!'. She never failed to make me smile with her stories….

We all like memories. Photo's, jewellry given to us, maybe a special childhood place that you go back to you….memories somehow keep us warm when the world seems a little colder than usual.

In a sense that is how I feel about social media.

As a consumer we spend time researching our purchase, we shop around and then often at the final stage of purchase we find someone who wants to be nice to us – to help their sales figures!

Social media helps develop memories between you and the consumer. It keeps that happy memory in your mind, it subconsciously keeps taking you back to that happy exchange of value. 

Social media and social marketing is never about creating one story or one word like photo of how the world could be if the reader bought from you…

"social media is the photo album, social marketing are the photo's and momento's that surround you as those memories that keep you warm in between purchases…."


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