Warning: Cyclones to replace leaders!

Cycloneship…..my new word. You see when I was talking to Terrence Seamon about leadership, I asked about the word leadership. I believe the word relates to the pre digital era, or to organistations which are based on an hierarchical structure. Choosing a top down approach can be right, if that is your style then you create a team which enjoys that style….

However the digital economy is less about command and control and more about linking the brain power of the connected world. It is about creating a powerful circle…a cyclone which isn't hindered by organisational charts, by not being in the same room, by sharing and creating together.

It is seeing the network as something bigger than your team, it is a network in which John may be the cutomers, or Mark the supplier…..it is about creating energy together…..

I am not sure that we can term this leadership….as it isn't about leading…it is about connecting, faster, better, quicker….I am not saying that 'cyclonegirl' doesn't need to be the person ultimately responsible, the 'what' of leadership stays…

It is the 'how' of leadership that has changed….

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