What to do when faced with a problem

It is hard to be wrong, it can be embarassing, it can be painful. However, ignoring what people are saying is much worse….

I remember going to speak to Dad when I was faced with a really difficult Union issue to deal with and he had this one piece of business advice which I have kept with me

"Seek the truth, rather than prove the point"

This week when faced with a problem, when faced with dissenters…remember this piece of advice.

Much more painful, much more damaging to your personal brand is being seen as stubborn, someone who is seen as stubborn. In seeking the truth, you must let go of what you "think" you will find, you must let go of pre-conceived ideas…

That is hard…but then being a good human being can be hard. Business is not about what it is easy, it is about doing the right thing.

Anyone can prove a point……so do you want to be part of the crowd or to a seeker of truth who is respected?

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