Selling Your Products and Services Online

Sometimes I feel as humans we strive to make everything so complicated….in truth, when I say sometimes that may be underestimating the problem.

When you are thinking about 2013 simplicity and clarity are two important aspects of selling online. I interviewed Carmine Gallo – fabulous communications expert who has worked with the great communication brand…Apple. He talked about how we can use a simple communication structure to help convey the brand message…


  • The Need – Grab the reader or listener's attention – show that you understand their issues, frustrations and desire's. This creates the emotional need which people can relate to and open their mind to potential solutions. As Carmine says – "Your brain craves meaning before detail", yet we tend in business to give the detail first.
  • The Problem – Now take that emotion and explain what the problem is – which creates that need for change.
  • The Solution – Show the solution to the problem. They are now ready, they are desperate to know the answer to their problems.
  • How it Works –Now give some details – now they have seen it, they want to know more about the solution. 

Too often in person, on the social web, in writing….we flip this approach and provide the detail up front, leaving the person cold to the idea.

Dad has a saying…

"Selling is the bridge between the pain felt by the customer …to the land of imagination – a land  in which pain is replaced with joy and problems morphed into opportunities…"

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