Social marketing – The size that matters is medium!

In today's world there is a juxtaposition that I believe we all struggle with at time. The balance between global and BIG ….the niche and small.

When we look at the internet….it is a technology that spreads across the world, the impact is huge….yet it's power is not necessarily from it's size (big), it is from the networking of individual's (small).

Size is not power…..networks are not powerful.

Therefore there is a merging of big and small….. medium then maybe!

Ironic when you consider the two main meanings of the word…yes in relation to size but also in reference to communication tools. The question is whether you can use this new medium of communication in an above average way!

To do this there are 3 guiding principles

  • Future success is not determined by your pure size today but from energising the power of your network tomorrow both internally and externally. The message spreads through people not mediums, the mediums are the delivery mechanisms.
  • Brands are built globally by interactions locally. Interactions range from the answering of a phone (small) to new product innovation (big). Individuals have the power to spread feedback on both, so consistency of brand values is more critical than ever.
  • Mass communication remains however it has a different tone. Because an individual is not a single voice but a node in a network, the communication needs to speak to them not speak about you. People say mass communication is dead, that to me is ridiculous…..brands have to reach the masses….it is the how and the why of what you communicate that matters. This gives that strange balance of communicating to the world on the web, yet making it feel personal to that one consumer. Understanding that customer becomes vital rather than understanding the market as a whole.


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    Oh, Anna, so true, three very valid points covering a huge area (if we are going to talk about size!). Yes, social media etc is just a mean of delivering the message – so before you start, you need to be clear on what that message is, and who you are targeting, then chose the appropriate medium. On the second point, companies need to be clear that there is no point on spending a lot on promoting their product or services if they can’t get the little things right (eg answering the phone). And lastly, it really helps if you imagine just one consumer when you are trying to communicate, so that the communication rings true (as this blog did with me!).

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    Beryl – I must admit this post came to me this morning and thought must write it down…when I started writing I realised it was bigger than one post!

    Totally agree with your points….it is finding that balance between using BIG in a small way….and thinking small in a BIG way.

    So seeing the reach but as a group of individuals….and knowing that every small interaction has a huge effect on brand perception

    Thanks for your points and for stopping by….

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    “The size that matters is medium!” – That surely is a very catchy title. But I think it is just apt for the topic. And yes, the “mediums” or the channels are definitely the ones that matter today, especially if you are into the social media scene. And this phenomenon is not about having big campaigns and advertising. It is about engaging smaller groups of individuals who are using these mediums to even out or expand your network.

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