Why Social Media is a Check to Your Passion

There is a Zen saying that is posted on my wall…it says

"To her lover a beautiful woman is a delight,

To a monk a distraction

To a mosquito a good meal."

When you a running a business it is so easy to let your passion overtake your ability to remember to keep honest to that passion and to keep seeing the world from different angles. I listen to many podcasts that I don't totally agree with, I read blog posts from people who have a different view point…why?

…because I live and breath my brand but social media is part of my development to see my market from different viewpoints. In diversity of ideas lays the change to improve upon the passion that you have….in using social media as a challenge can do three things:

  1. Acts as a check to your thinking…and makes it stronger.
  2. Acts as a check to your thinking…and makes it better.
  3. Acts as a check to your thinking…and finds the holes for you to fill.

The reason I have this so close to my mac screen is to ensure that as much as my passion is the fuel to my small business, I need my eyes and my ears to ensure that my brand is never blinded by that passion.

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