Business Anecdote on How to Seek the Positive

I love business anecdotes, for me they help capture the essence in a way that we can all connect to…my moleskine is filled with little titbits that I have found a long the way.

I often get accused of seeing the positive, my only defence is that it is so much better than the pain, worry and frustration of only seeing the negative!

Here is a little anecdote that has stuck with me over the years about being positive and at the same time, annoying the competition!

A company always held a summer picnic, which included a hugely contested softball game between 2 departments that had developed a great rivalry over the years. They only played one game every summer, but argued over it all year!

Dept A won the game, but Dept B posted the following write up…" Department B is proud to announce that following this year's softball game, we finished in second place, having lost only one game all year. We also offer condolences to Department A who finished next to last, after only winning one game all year"



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