Choice is not Customer Experience, How I feel is….

Choice is everywhere. We are lucky little bunnies aren't we? Consumer Experience

The business opportunity is huge…

"Stop competing on choice, start competing on experience"

The web naturally offers the choice, what social media allows is the chance to offer a better experience.

So being active on the web with a strong website is only the first part of a social marketing approach. Active doesn't mean being social, it doesn't mean being consumer focused.

Customer experience is about how I feel before, during and after the transation…as I say on the is not what you say, it is not what you do…it is how you made me feel.

Even this week trying to set up a second business bank account with Lloyds has sent me mad…and it is symptomatic of many of my experiences.

Yes, I can do more online…but it doesn't save time, it actually increases the time before the account goes live? How can that be?

If I ring I have to go through 3 different people asking the same type of security questions only to find that the number you ring from the website is wrong…and then having to go through it all again.

The key business ideas should be based on simplifying the process for the customer, owning the problem, making it easy to communicate with the brand. No matter what you tweet, or like, or blog….I will still judge you on whether you value me as a customer.

Social marketing at it's core is do I value you as a human being…social media is not there as a plaster…no….social media is there as a mirror and as a way of expressing how you value my custom.


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    You need to make it as easy as possible for someone to do business with you. Yes, in theory self-service channels can save your contact center time and money but if those channels fail and a customer is forced to call and THEN forced to repeat their story three times over you’re not saving anyone any time or money.

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    And Trish for me that is the shocking reality…..although business seems to know this, the reality is that business pay lip service… recessionary or low growth economies it is so vital to keep loyal customers and also to use their experience for them to sell to others

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