How Social Sites Spot an Unwilling Sharer

Ever been at a restaurant when your partner says "No, I don't think I will have any dessert", you choose the gooey chocolate cake with cream and are looking forward to it…and then as you are about to dig in…they say "Oooh that looks gorgeous, can I try some!"

Now politeness means we share, however the share is forced on us and in fact it isn't really sharing, it is sharing under duress and everyone can see it.Socia Sharing

Sharing under duress can always be spotted, the face gives it away….and on social sites the same is true. 

We live in a connected economy, in a world where knowledge is expected to be shared….is wanted to be shared.

The problem established, traditional companies and brands face is in the past, when access to knowledge was controlled…they thrived by being the informant to consumers. This mindset is now redundant and in actual fact, more than that, breeds a lack of trust.

Sharing is a mindset…whereby anyone can be the informer and anyone can be the recipient if they are willing to both listen and accept this power change.

Social marketing is a mirror into where your mindset lies…

  • Are you the reluctant sharing who really wants to keep the dessert to yourself?
  • Or have you adjusted to the new world where sharing is not a choice it is the price of entry – (and you anticipate and order the platter of desserts for two)?

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