How to Build Your Business

One brick at a time. Sounds so obvious BUT is it? 

Think of how business technology has altered 
Emerging technologybusiness over the last two centuries, however technology does evolve just like business. Business and technology follow each other and create new markets globally, new consumer markets emerge from nowhere…and even new business models are created.

Think about how we have progresses from the telegraph, to letter, to phone, to fax, to email, totwitter…each building on the restrictions of the past. Ease and simplicity being two key factors in the innovations

Think about business….moving from landowner/peasant, industrial powerhouses, cooperatives, entrepreneurship, online business etc etc 

As technology creates markets, as business is made simpler for anyone to create… spreads and so does technology.

Why am I blogging about this?

Well because for all those businesses who can't see the purpose of social media forbusiness…remember…..

Technology in the future will build on the technology of today

If you are not embracing today's emerging technology then you are falling behind in the race for tomorrow's consumer.

Social media is not new. Social media is building on the offline world of networking and customer relationships.

It is another brick in the business world – it isn't about demolishing the ways to do business, it is about building new ways to do business. What is social media and what is it's importance for business….well

It is important today…but it will be vital as a foundation for tomorrow.


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