Is search a bridge between real and virtual worlds?

Search is the window into the virtual world and your virtual shop….

It can be seen as part of your web strategy but for me search is much more than that…it is a bridge between the two worlds


…and more than that it is not a single file road, it allows you to find the right product from the right brand….and allows you to choose between buying it online or travelling back over the bridge into the physical store.

This is key. Search can be seen as a method purely for social marketing strategy….of course it is vital that you appear on the first page of Google, however it is vital for both online and offline sales.

Customers may not always buy on line – both B2C and especially B2B – but what 80% of them all do is research…research for the best product, research for local suppliers, research for the best deal….

Indeed it is the research that often drives the search…therefore the content marketing strategy works best when it is aimed to deliver 3 things

1) It is created around what is in the mind of the researcher who is buying rather than the salesforce of the business.

2) It is updated weekly to current thoughts, issues…..more and more people want recent reviews, recent articles to ensure that it is still relevant.

3) It is honest and reliable because if chosen it must represent reality in their own world.


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