Marketing in Business – Conceal and Reveal

Marketing in business can be tricky…how much do you say, how to market your business in a social way….
Social Marketing

But then if you see social marketing and sales as less of a business function and more of a human interaction – then I think it helps.

I wrote about the Little Black Dress Marketing Plan a while ago and I think it is a great analogy. In both traditonal and social media management it is about concealing and revealing….

The problem is that many business ideas are based around the concealing and not the revealing. Controlling is seen as power….when as I always say….it is the sharing of knowledge that creates power.

Social marketing allows you to reveal slowly your brand personality, with the right emotive words. Brands who use emotional intelligence to understand and show empathy with customers, increase the chance of brand loyalty….as long as delivery meets expectations.

Just like the little black dress….reveal enough of your understanding on social sites to show it isworth creating a relationship…..reveal enough to show your empathy. Once they click through to your website, once they ask for a "second date" via a demo, a conversation or a meeting….then you can reveal more… create trust we live in a connected economy that means concealment is not an option.

Conceal is only knowing what are the total solutions…..and drip feeding the consumer through social marketing, face to face and supplier management to reveal all…

So the concept is –  Marketing in business is like a little black dress…conceal enough to make the reveal worthwhile!

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