Engaging Brand 418 – Marketing to the Ageing Consumer

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Today is an interview with Dick Stroud who is a lecturer, writer and first blogger back in 2003 about Marketing to the Ageing Consumer.

  • From a marketing and business perspective is an ageing population a market demographic issue or opportunity?
  • How physiological needs need to addressed first for customer experiences.
  • Is help for seniors just sensible business  - easy packaging etc…..don't all customers want easy, simple customer experiences?
  • If you make the product for the young, you exclude the old…but if you make the product for the old then you include the young.
  • Should there be a diversity of age in the marketing department to reflect market segmentation and demographic?
  • How product design should be broken down into how the senses operate through the customer journey.
  • Are we too focused upon the product design rather than the buying process?
  • Is it more difficult to research the ageing consumer and the consumer buying behavior? Are they more polite….what research techniques work best?
  • Thinking about lighting and noise in retail to improve customer experience.
  • Are we at the tipping point of businesses having to think of their customer profile?

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