How Local Can Be Even More Powerful that Global

Speak to many people and the Internet has changed the business landscape – many speak of the
global economy
, a global village and how globalisation has widened the market for small business as well as large
Local Search corporations.

This is all true but I think it tricks us into thinking too globally. Actually another powerful internet tool is the ability to localise, the ability to find and grow niches.

With search tools in all of the social networking sites, with target markets easily available when advertising on the internet….don't forget that this global tool called the Internet… also a powerful local search engine.

And local can be defined in a few ways

  • As in a person's locality.
  • As in a person's shared interest.
  • As in a specific demographic.

The overall power of the web may lie in the global network but for business – and especially small business – the power of local has never been stronger.

So instead of thinking you can sell to the world, understand your target customer and use the web to localise your efforts.

Business is about finding your niche….local search is about helping you reach your niche audience.

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