To Write Better Online, Go Offline

"But what am I going to write about?"

One of the main concerns of people starting out on content marketing. From a business point of
Content Marketing Eiffel Towerview you have many content sources

1) What are customer's searching for?

2) What are the issues, trends, problems that your customer's are facing?

3) What are the needs and problems (that you can provide the solutions for)?

But when it comes to ongong content, inspiration comes from life. 

I think people struggle when they separate their online world with their 'real life'. The two intertwine, social media is about reflecting personality, it is about sharing thoughts on your passions and your take on how these passions play out in the real world.

So don't wait to get writer's block. Don't just work, or live….experience life, experience the joy, experience the pain….it is from really observing, really seeing what is happening in the world, from really listening to what people are say – whether you agree or not – is these active living moments that fill your mind with ideas.

I have a magical little moleskine that travels with me everywhere….to my mum's on a Sunday, on the train, whilst I am watching TV, at work and even shopping….why?

Because as much as we try we can fail to capture those precious moments that can act as a catalyst for writing on the web. If you have a camera phone take a picture as a reminder…whatever works for you, because…

It isn't just about social media marketing, it is about YOU.

We are fabulous as human beings at remember the moments of when things go wrong or failure…but what we are not good at, is seeing life as a whole. By capturing those moments, it acts as a reminder for both work and you.

This post came from a note made at my mum's….it just said….mum is enjoying my blog posts as she understands me more than ever….a learning for me the person and a blog post for me the worker!

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