3 Social Media Tactics for B2B Consumers

Business marketing too often is informational in nature. Yes, people need data but they crave something more..something that will engage, something that will draw in the consumer.

AnalyticsOften people talk about emotional engagement design….but that doesn't have to be about roses, smiles and cute baby pictures…after all not sure that works in business to business examples.

Engagement isn't always about visual, emotional aspects of branding.

Engagement can be about adding a layer of yourself to the social media marketing….that layer can be 'thought' as well as purely emotional.

There are three areas that people underplay in the social media world

1) Opinion – Great way to express your brand personality. Choose something in the news, show your concern..show your ideas, create a cause?

2) Analytics – People love to share analysis. Can you share market research, government reports, trends in consumer behavior?

3) Insights – Again a great way to show your brand personality. A great way to show your thought leadership


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  2. barry.victor@rocketmail.com' says

    Budgets continue to shift toward Social Media in the Business to Consumer space, but Business to Business marketers are lagging behind because they struggle to identify how it fits into B2B specific goals.

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