Why Brands Need to Be Imperfectly, Perfect

InperfectionWhen a baby is born you can see everyone thinking and saying "Oh aren't they perfect!" then as they grow up and develop those little annoying habits they don't become imperfect…they become imperfectly perfect!

It is the same with brand management. Your marketing plan will seem perfect, the customer experience seems great on paper…then humans become involved. 

But I am here to say…that's OK! Why?

Because customers don't believe in perfect, perfect seems too good to be true. No it is about being "humanly imperfectly perfect!"

  • Customer relationship management will always include dealing with unforeseen issues. Problems will arise – it is not the problem that upsets customers in the long run, it is how you deal with it. Deal with it well (promptly, humanly, politely) then you will create brand loyalty.
  • Customer feedback will always include some negative comments. The old saying that you cannot please all the people, all of the time needs to be remembered. However, if you deal with them politely, in open and transparently…the world can see that you are human.
  • Social media marketing will often include issues in public. Again it is not about hiding away from your imperfection, it is about showing that as a brand personality you are human…that you make mistakes but that you learn from them.
  • Leadership will make incorrect decisions…again it is not the mistake that upsets people, it is the lack of responsibility. Herb Kelleher was famously reported as breaking an egg over his head at an employee meeting….saying "I now have egg all over my face, I need your help to turn this around"……that is why he is accepted as a great leader!

So the question is are you too busy trying to be perfect, rather than being human?


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