The 3 Dimension’s of Great Business Ideas

DimensionsToo often people feel as though they need to protect ideas. They feel those ideas give them control.

As I always say it is not the idea's that give you control, it is the sharing of idea's that give you control.

Imagine if Einstein had kept all his ideas to himself? He is considered a genius because of sharing his idea's and allowing others to benefit, add and evolve his idea's into different products.

So if it is good enough for Einstein, isn't sharing a great brand management strategy?

BUT people say….if I share ideas on social media then they won't want to use me….well if you only know enough for a 140 characters on Twitter or a couple of paragraphs in a starting a blog and blog posting consistently..then you are in trouble!!

It is the sharing that brings the ideas to life. Bob and Babs in their little cartoon, show a 3 Dimensional IDEA…..that is because sharing in social media marketing is about taking that idea and allowing it to grow in breadth, depth and length. It creates and demonstrates thought leadership.

Breadth is created by allowing that idea to be seen by more people, more potential consumers.

Depth is created by comments and futher sharing that give you concepts of how that idea can work better, can evolve, can be amended etc

Length is created by online publishing which means that the idea is always there…ready for anyone to or in a decade.

Ideas which are contained to a few people are flat, one dimensional. Ideas which are allowed to come alive through social media are your taster's to your main course of what you offer…

The question is…will people want to eat your main course of website content, without a taster?


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    An absolutely outstanding approach this is! It made me wonder about how much profits can be reaped by generating an idea in the market, while introducing the first implication of it in one’s own business, as they get acknowledged widely.

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